Hot Water Instantly Vaporized In -31 Fahrenheit Temperatures

Zedscience Published January 3, 2018 1,441 Plays

Rumble / Weird ScienceIf you were ever wondering how boiling water can be instantly vaporized in freezing temperatures, then science has the answer you seek. Cold air holds very little humidity, so when hot water is thrown into it, the air cannot absorb the water. Some water is forced into vapor which takes energy, leaving the remainder to transform into snow.

This process looks like magic, and it's no wonder that many people have recorded the results and made a ton of viral videos all over the Internet. But this video is something even better - it's in slow motion! The setting sun in the background adds even more drama to the amazing footage.

If you want to try this yourself, remember that you need to take precautions. Never throw the water above yourself, and needless to say - protective wear is a must! Even though the boiling water gets vaporized instantly, it's never a bad idea to protect yourself just in case.

This experiment is also a favorite of science teachers that live in northern areas, so whenever the temperatures drop below zero, they are eager to show the students this awesome phenomenon.

Just be careful not to stay out in the cold for too long, or you might catch a cold. But if you do catch it, then don't worry - you can easily overcome it with the help from these cool homemade remedies that actually work.