Kids Get Hysterical Over Surprise Christmas Puppy

Published January 2, 2018 5,794 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesIt's that time of the year again! Many gifts, many memorable moments and lot's of time with the family. This season is especially exciting due to the popular Christmas Day followed by The New Year.
Which means, many happy children along with their not so happy parents due to the money they have to spend over the holidays. However, it is always a joy to be the reason for someones smile and happiness. Some parents have gone down the classic way of getting their children something that they have been dying for over the last year. Some even take them for a trip some place they have been eager to see. But for some, its just the companionship and extra care and love is what this Christmas brings to their door step.

In this video we have prepared for you quite the treat. Here we have two very lucky kids that have been granted the wish of owning something very special. For these children Christmas was not about clothes or objects or even trips abroad. These girls have been asking their parents for something just a bit different. So, let us set the picture. Its a cold and very snowy day in this neighborhood. The house is set with all the Christmas decorations along with the most important addition which is of course the Christmas Tree.
Its quiet and everyone is enjoying their days with no responsibility and no things to do. All of a sudden, as if Santa is coming through the door, the dad in this family opens the door just a crack. Just enough to let this cute furry cloud of love prance his way into the living room and into the hearts of these little girls. As soon as the kids see him, they go hysterical!

Take a look at as Kendell and Shea finally get the puppy that they have always wanted and their heartwarming reaction!


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    Aww, such a precious moment!

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