5-Year-Old Reads Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Published January 2, 2018 113,149 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThere is not a kid on this plant that has not wanted for a baby brother or sister at some point in their young life. Siblings are awesome! You get a best friend for life, a kindred spirit and a partner in crime (and by partner in crime, we mean someone who will always take the blame, even if it was your fault to begin with).

Brook Todd’s daughter Giada always wanted to become a big sister, but she never thought it will happen. That's all about to change. Check out her heart-melting reaction in this priceless clip! When her parents found out that they were pregnant, they wanted to make sure that their big girl found out in a very special way. So they wrote her a card and gave it to her to read out loud.

It starts off by stating her name and age, but as Giada goes on she reads the part about a baby being in her mommy's tummy. At first, the sweet girl is confused. That's when Mom steps in and explains that she is pregnant with Giada's baby brother or sister.

This precious girl's face lights up when the news finally sinks in. She truly has the most genuine smile, full of love. We can already tell that sweet Giada is going to be an awesome big sister. Out of all the pregnancy announcements that we have seen these past few years, this has got to be the number one best!


  • BrookTodd, 1 year ago

    One of the best moments of our lives.

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