Frozen Alaskan river turns into human bowling lane!

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Published: January 1, 2018Updated: January 3, 2018

What do you do if you&r're a kid at a festival on the frozen Chena River in Alaska? You participate in Moose Turd Bowling, of course! What is this madness you say? It's one of the very unique ways Alaskans (and their kids) enjoy the winter months.

There is a carnival-like atmosphere every year as these events are held in downtown Fairbanks, in the interior part of the state. Temperatures on this day dipped down to -20 and -30 below zero. That never stops hearty Alaskans from getting out and enjoying the fun. One of the favorites is Moose Turd Bowling. Alaskans have an odd relationship with our friends the moose, as well as their strange, pellet shaped turds left in piles around the state. And to celebrate that, an inner tube, a giant rubber band, and 10 inflatable plastic bowling-pin-sized turds (plus a little grownup help) are all you need for a little fun on the ice!

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