Dog with naughty habit caught on camera

cdngreenwaterdiver Published December 29, 2017 12 Plays $0.03 earned

Rumble Poncho the rescue dog from Mexico" has been a pretty good pet for the most part" Brent her owner says. But at times she has displayed some not so great traits. Some traits are great, being she is a very lovable friendly pooch, but on the other end of the spectrum she isn't as "great". Poncho likes to take shoes and hide them, which is a fun game once home when you have to start searching for footwear. The best paert, she does not chew them. The one main "naughty " trait Poncho has, as you will see in this footage, she tends to build "nests" and in that feat, she is very hard on the furniture. Brent has tried many ways in stopping this naughty trait in Poncho and the only success comes from stacking chairs, or whatever else can take up space on the furniture to stop her from scratching it up. Poncho does know it is a naughty thing to do, because when Brent arrives home, he mentions she always runs and hides.
Pets, dont we love them? Of course we do.