Disciplined Alaskan Malamute Catches Treat Mid-Air

kai_and_roy_the_malamutes Published December 29, 2017 1,553 Plays $6.03 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious footage has emerged of a dog balancing a treat on its nose and trying to catch it mid-air. This disciplined Alaskan Malamute named Kai has mastered the technique of balancing and catching treats when placed on its nose.

Owner decided to film this adorable pooch in the act of snatching and catching. A tiny slice of tangerine was placed on Kai’s nose and the obedient dog was told to wait until he gets the sign. Shortly after, the video was switched to slow motion and the majestic moment of mid-air prey hunt was witnessed on camera.

Watch how fast Kai catches the tangerine slice that owner has placed on the top of his nose. Slow motion is definitely needed here in order to show the fast moment when dog snatches the treat, which wouldn’t be plausible for the human eye to winness otherwise! Things happened so fast and Kai scored!

Watching dogs doing things in slow motion is always fascinating. They are both entertaining and amusing to look at, and you can also learn a great deal about dogs when you observe them doing things in slow motion. Like that slow motion video of a dog drinking water, where we learned that dogs actually scoop the water out using their tongues.

This disciplined pooch must have had a lot of failed attempts to score treats off its nose, but practice makes perfect and now Kai is the master of balance and mid-air catching! Good job!

Alaskan Malamutes have powerful, sturdy bodies built for stamina and strength. This intelligent canine needs a job and consistent leadership to avoid becoming bored or challenging to handle. When you first see an Alaskan Malamute, it's easy to be impressed by his large stature, wolf-like facial markings, and huge plumed tail waving at you. It's often believed that Malamutes are part wolf. They possesses tremendous strength, energy, endurance, independence, and intelligence.