Little Girl Walks Around In Mommy's Shoes

SherryChutePublished: December 29, 2017139 views
Published: December 29, 2017

We all remember back when we were kids and how big was the urge to grow up and be an adult. All of us went to several different stages in which we tried to make our self's older then we actually are. Little do kids know though that growing up isn't any fun at all. When you are a kid everything seems like its better and more colorful. You have no responsibilities and life is just one big bundle of joy and happiness. You are careless and free. No where to go, and no where to be. All you have to focus on is living your life and having fun, till real life strikes and responsibilities start coming in.

For this toddler is just another day of fun. She has been curious how it feels to be her mom for one day. Every morning she sees her mom go to her work, very well dressed and so she has been wondering where her mom goes while she is at school. So now, she has decided that it is the right time to literally walk into her moms shoes and see what a day of her mom is like.

Although, her mom spots her right away, she lets her enjoy the fun and do the goofiest walk of all time. As her daughter keeps struggling to remain straight and walking her mom just cant help but laugh her face off. Ether way she is just adorable! This one-year-old girl just loves to walk around the house in her mom's high heel shoes. Impressive!

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