Friendly Siberian Husky Stops By To Greet Horsies Every Time He Goes For A Walk

Published December 28, 2017 2,273 Plays $6.60 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA heartwarming video has emerged featuring the amazing bond that has been formed between two horsies and a Siberian Husky. It is incredible how this friendly pooch befriended the horses and pays them a visit every time he goes for a walk. Amazing!

Footage shows the genuine love between Max and these two horses that live on a nearby farm. Every time Max and his owner pass by, horses come closer to greet him. What an incredible bond!

These friendly horsies love to get visits from their new Siberian Husky friend. Watch as this pair horses approach every time Max stands at the fence, calling for them. They have formed a beautiful bond indeed. Have you witnessed a similar friendship?

We always praise unlikely friendships between animals. There are plenty of videos where humans and animals form indescribable bonds. However, it is very interesting to witness two different animals form a close relationship.

Horses are indeed majestic creatures, and Max the Siberian Husky most certainly agrees. Namely, every time he and his owner Wei Wang take a walk, they visit the nearby farm just to greet the horses. It is amazing how the pair of horses walks up to Max every time he visits and greet him with curiosity.

Footage shows as Max approaches and comes for a visit, the horses approach as well and welcome him to come right up to the gate. Watching the horses come nose-to-nose with Max is truly amazing and witnessing this kind of unique bond is something to remember!