Target Employee Has Impromptu Dance Party With Toddler

Published December 28, 2017 2,768,262 Views

Rumble / Caught DancingEver wondered what is the job description for a Target employee? Stocking aisles, keeping up with the crowd and occasionally throwing an impromptu dance party with rowdy toddlers. Yep, you read that right; it might not actually be part of their job description, but one Target employee in California made shopping easier for one mom, when her little girl just wouldn’t hold still.

Stefanie Bradbard Elliott noticed her 2-year-old daughter, Evallyn, was a bit more energetic than usual, despite bringing along some toys to keep her occupied on their recent Target run. Luckily for Stephanie, AJ was right there to open a new checkout lane and created what can be dubbed as the best distraction ever! After asking the toddler a couple of questions, she challenged her to a silent dance off!

The mom posted a video of the pair breaking it down to her town's Facebook group and, spoiler alert, people are obsessed with it. Stephanie told media how stressful the trip was until Evallyn made her new friend. "Just before this video, my daughter was following me to checkout on her knees, dragging her huge shoes that she insisted on wearing. At the same time, I was telling her to stand up and giving her 'the look' that most moms have to convey they mean business."

"The employee asked if she was a ballerina and could show her how to dance. My daughter said yes, and said, 'do it like this,' then they both started twirling and dancing together. There wasn't even any music playing but they were having a blast," she said.

Since the story emerged, the employee reached out to Stefanie and thanked her.

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