If You Blink You'll Miss This Lightning Fast Police Dog Catching A Ball

k9_jesterPublished: December 28, 20172,902 views
Published: December 28, 2017

We have heard of situations where people apply for the police academy and want to serve their nation by becoming a police officer. How proud and generous people that choose this career path are for risking their lives in the everyday battle to make our cities safer.

However, we barely to none hear about how dogs that are taken to work for the police are chosen nor whether they know what they are doing. However, we can surely agree that most likely the best out of the best dogs are picked when it comes down to choosing one for the police force. These doggies certainly go through strict programs in which they learn the amount of responsibility they will carry throughout their professional career. These dogs are specially picked from when they are puppies, brought up in strict environments and along side one police officer. This is the case since the dog and the policeman over this period of time create a special and strong bond. Once the dog is trained it becomes the police officers partner. That's when they are ready to hit the streets and stop crime.

That instant blur you see is Jester, a K9 officer with the El Cajon, California, police department. His human partner, the one just casually flicking that well-worn tennis ball in the air, is Officer Jordan Walker. Jester, a Belgian Malinois, and Walker, a former Marine, have been working together since the end of 2015, and they've been pretty inseparable since! What an awesome clip!

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