Cincinnati's longest-serving police officer attends his final roll call

Published December 28, 2017 1 Plays

Rumble The Cincinnati Police Department's most senior employee, Sgt. Thomas Reid Jr., is retiring Thursday after serving 45 years as an officer. Reid, 66, most recently served as a patrol officer in District Two, but he has also worked in District One, Two and Four, the Police Communications Center and the impound lot across his four decades with the force. At Reid's final roll call at 6 a.m. Thursday in Hyde Park, officers presented him with a plaque honoring his many years of service to Cincinnati. He'll also be honored at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at District One, and two new police sergeants will get promoted. "Well, I appreciate this and everything. This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for working with a great group of guys like you all," Reid said. "You guys handle your stuff. You handle your business. You're good guys and I'm glad I had the opportunity to supervise you.