Congressman Scott Perry is Asked: What is Wrong With House Republicans?

3 months ago

Congressman Scott Perry shares his frustrations with Republicans and the turmoil in the House of Representatives in 2023.
While we have such a slim majority, we must reign in Government spending and influence the amount of government in our lives.

There seems to be a struggle to get the votes for those things most Republicans ran on. Unfortunately, when they get to DC they seem to forget their promises.
The Dems don’t seem to be interested in doing anything to save America. Republicans must be willing to stand up to the uniparty and say no. This country can’t take much more if they don’t.

Rep Perry discussed the turmoil in the House of Representatives in 2023:

• Taking in 5 trillion
Spending 7.2 trillion
Last year

• Insight on Mike Johnson: Did he make deals with the Democrats?
Why did Reps allow extension of Section 702 of FISA? 278,000 Americans were spied on by this program.
Not only did Representatives extend it but they may be increasing in its reach.

• PA Election Issues
State rep gave Democrats everything they wanted and then Democrats used that to great effect.
“Reps should let it be known that they don’t like the rules of this game.”

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