Peter Caine's Alleged "Frozen Bigfoot", Shot By Father In Self-Defense In 1953

Published December 27, 2017 164 Views $0.06 earned

Rumble December 27, 2017- Peter Caine Is A "Comedian", And A "Youtuber". On Youtube He Tells A Story About His Father(Michael Caine) Who Went Out Hunting With A Friend(Morty Lucas) And Came Upon A Bigfoot Family In A Swamp. The Men Shot The "Bigfoot" In Self-Defense. He Claims The Adult Male Was So Big, They Couldn't Get Him Out Of The Swamp So They Had To Cut Up The Creature To Remove It. Peter Claims The "Bigfoot" Are Real, And Have Been Keep In A Large, Commerical Freezer For 65 years. The "Bigfoot" Are To Be Put On Display At The New Bigfoot Museum Of North America In 2020.
Peter Caine Resides In New York.