If A Nuclear Bomb Drops, Be Sure To Keep Beer Around

didyouknowPublished: December 30, 2017
Published: December 30, 2017

Weapons of mass destruction are apocalyptic packages that come in different sizes. Weapons max out at 1.2 megatons and can scale back to as little as 0.3 kilotons. Hundreds of thousands of people could survive the initial blast from a bomb 10 kilotons or less, but then what?

Here are a few tips to increase your chances of long-term survival. Most importantly, you have to stay calm and find a place to hide from the fallout. Fallout is what increases radiation exposure. Hide in basements, tornado shelters and office buildings with underground floors and rooms without windows. Nuclear war is still a very real threat so you have to be prepared!

Next, you need to find out how far you are from the blast site. If you are too close, it is better to stay inside any kind of structure for the first hour. Then, make a run for a more ideal shelter. When you do venture out, pick up provisions.

A 1950s study suggests that beer and soda would survive a radioactive blast with no ill effects. Once you are in a safe shelter with sustenance, wait to be evacuated by authorities. Emerging before the worst of the fallout has settled could undo everything you have been working for. Officials would know the best place to resettle, while society rebuilds.

As with every catastrophic event, having a plan is key to survival. So in the midst of panic and confusion, you still know what to do to save your life and your loved ones. Besides, it is not too bad when science tells you to always keep beer and soda around!

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