How Becoming A Meme Can Ruin Your Life

didyouknowPublished: December 27, 2017Updated: December 30, 201735 views
Published: December 27, 2017Updated: December 30, 2017

Heidi Yeh had no idea that an advertisement for plastic surgery could destroy her career. This disturbing meme reading ‘plastic surgery, you can’t hide it forever’ went viral and the story behind it came to life!

The story goes like this, the mother in this family portret lied to her husband about having had plastic surgery and the truth was eventually revealed in their children’s not-so-perfect faces. Surprisingly, the husband sued his wife over this lie and won. He filed a lawsuit over unattractive children, but waited until after the third child to do so? That is the logic that only an internet troll could love! Still, this insane story spread across the world!

The truth is that Heidi Yeh was a Taiwanese model booking gigs with big companies like Sony and she never had a plastic surgery! The people in the photo were not her family. Actually, a plastic surgery company photoshopped kids’ faces and used the image without consent. The original caption read: “The only thing you will ever have to worry is how to explain it to the kids”.

This meme and the false backstory ruined Heidi’s career, so she decided to speak out! She brought a lawsuit to the companies that published the ad and she remains the perfect example of how destructive instant internet fame can be.

There is one last moral of this story and that is ‘don’t trust memes’!

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