The Unexpected Visit Of Santa Claus Sends Kids To Tears

ToddHamptonPublished: December 27, 2017108 views
Published: December 27, 2017

There are many videos of crying children that prove how many children get scared when visiting Father Christmas, but what is it about this jolly figure that frightens them and moves them to tears? Why are some children terrified of meeting Santa Claus?

Santa Claus or Father Christmas is the name that usually brings a gleam of excitement in children. We have seen many excited boys and girls queuing to see Father Christmas, and reel off their ever-optimistic list of gift requests.

However, there are also some children who cry unrelentingly and become hysterical when they finally come face to face with the man in red. What is it about this big, jolly, present-bearing, magical figure that triggers fear in the hearts of some children?

Santa's bright red clothing and white beard, and also the pressure of being “good” to get a present are likely to contribute to a scary experience more than the partial concealment of the face. Maybe it is the entire appearance, being a mythical figure who lives far far away, younger children get unusually scared by the through of seeing Father Christmas face to face. In addition, children don’t tend to like dressing up, so when confronted with a fat man with a big white beard, they often can’t see behind the costume.

It is believed that the fear of Santa Claus is similar to the common fear of clowns in early age. It is because Santa and clowns both convey an expression of permanent jollity which might seem forced or unreliable and again, unsettling because they are somehow concealed behind the mask and the costume! Scary right!

Footage shows mother announcing to her two young children that someone is at the front door and urges them to go check it out. When these two adorable siblings, boy and girl, approach the window and peek through the opening, they are terrified to find out that it is actually Santa Claus who is knocking on their door in the middle of the night.

It is surprising how they both burst into tears and start crying to the notion that Santa is at their door. Maybe it is the unexpected visitor or the fact that “he is real” that sent these kids to tears. Many tears later, we see another footage of children sitting in Santa’s lap and having their picture taken. It is the little boy who cannot be deceived by Santa, and keeps staring at his fake beard. The final conclusion is that it is their dad who wore the costume of Santa and children are not so happy about it! The legend is broken!

Are your children scared of Santa, or were you scared as a child?

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