rdwn11Published: December 27, 2017
Published: December 27, 2017

Residents of Muara Jawa, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan), dihebohkan on the emergence of a human predator crocodile.

The crocodile has devoured 2 residents, a teenage boy named Arjuna (16) and a crocodile charmer named Supriyanto (38).

Kapolsek Muara Jawa, AKP Tritanto, said it had received a report.

"The next day, the crocodile again pounced on a man known as a handler." Until now, a joint team from the Police, TNI and SAR is still doing a search, "Tritanto said, Sunday (17/09/2017), as quoted from

Since Friday, the police conducted a sweep in the river.

The first victim has been found, but the second victim has not been found.

Here are 9 facts related to the tragedy of humans preyed humans are summarized from and

1. The first victim was Arjuna, a resident of Muara Jawa Ulu Village, Muara Jawa Sub-district.

He was preyed while cleaning the body in the river TB front jetty BRE RT 17 Village Muara Ulu Java, Friday (15/09/2017) at around 16:30.

2. When devoured, Arjuna had screamed hysterically, then heard his colleague named Ardi (18).

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