Compare Jim Breuer's TDS Impression With Real TDS Victim

5 months ago

If you had just awakened from a 10 year hibernation and saw comedian Jim Breuer do an impression of someone suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, you wouldn't think it was very funny. Most likely you would think it was a rehash of overly exaggerated Jerry Lewis shtick bearing no relation to reality especially when Jim mentions demon possession. On top of that you would probably think the audience was stupid for laughing at what seems to be very childish humor.

Ah! But that would be because you would have been hibernating while insane TDS took hold of many/most liberals. To set such a person who had just awakened from hibernation straight you would have to compare Breuer's TDS impressions side-by-side with an actual TDS victim, as I have done here, to see he was NOT exaggerating. At that point of enlightenment you would then be ready to join in with the laughter.

2024 is already shaping up to be THE banner year for TDS comedy as liberals desperately attempt to stop Orange Man Bad. And not only unknown people will be infected with extreme TDS meltdowns. I fully expect to see inadvertently hilarious TDS outbursts from members of the media..... Looking at YOU, Glenn Kirschner!

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