Guy Falls From An Escalator

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Published: December 26, 2017

You have probably seen this man sliding down the center median of a subway! Yes, it's painful to watch it! This video has gone viral on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This boy has a painful experience when he hit a couple of speed bumps that completely tossed him. You have probably cringed, that laughed so hard then watched it again with your friends.

Info from Licensor: "We had been to Alexandra Palace for the PDC Darts World Championship, which was why we were all dressed up as footballers. It turned out to be a good night with plenty of beer and getting drunk. On our way home, Freddie saw the empty escalator and thought in his drunk state that it would be a good idea to try and surf down it. It's safe to say it didn't end well. It amazed us all that he was actually not seriously hurt, and just walked it off with a few bruises and cuts."

The incredibly-clear video has been viewed over 30 million times across all social platforms in the last 48 hours. As it should, it had all the makings of a viral video — it’s a short video of someone doing something stupid, getting what they deserve, fear, empathy, it’s cringe-worthy and an awesome payoff.

The kid in the video is Freddie Andrew and in this 7-second video, we can see how he decked out in what it looks like Bristol City football uniform or how the Americans call it a red soccer jersey. A second into the video, Freddie has his body crushed against the first small barrier that is set up to prevent such things. This is what happens when gravity forces you to run an object that is much tougher than you.

Ouch. LOL. Ouch. With the camera right on him, you can see Freddie's face as he understands that he committed a big failure. As his face flashes by the camera taping him, you can obviously see his buddies using the elevator's properly and giggling at him and the fear all over as he develops speed, vulnerable to maintain a strategic distance from whatever his destiny ends up being.

Things being what they are, his destiny is to develop simply enough speed before hitting the last barrier that fiercely knows him onto the opposite side of the Tube's elevator; apparently taking him back up the lift he just descended at 100 kilometers for every hour.

Do you think that he will try to do this again? This video was first posted on Twitter by his friend James Gower and this video has got all the social media attention from likes, comments, to hearts and shares. It's popular on the Internet right now.

However, don't worry about Freddie. He is fine. His friend James said that he has some bruises but he is going to be okay. On the other side, his ego after this might not be so good.

Let’s be honest, how many times did you play this video?

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