Wild Fox Caught Red Handed Playing With Dog Toy In The Snow

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Published: December 26, 2017

A curious footage has emerged of a wild fox playing with a dog toy out in the snow. The foxy creature goes absolutely crazy about the toy and cannot get enough of it. This fox acts like a little child that has just discovered the pure magic of snow and engages is long play, unsuspecting that someone is watching. The fox shows real childish joy as she plays in the snow with her new favorite toy.

This clip was filmed on December 20, 2017 in Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA featuring a wild fox playing around in the snow, chasing after a dog toy for couple of hours. The person who caught this amazing moment on camera says that it was snowing for couple of days, so this fox must have gotten lost and wandered around in their backyard by accident. That is when she discovered the dog toy a decided to give it a try at wrestling. Amazing!

It is heartwarming watching this wild thing play with pure enjoyment. Watch as the fox throws herself at the toy and goes full attack mode on the stuffed animal. It is amazing how fox can play like children and have the time of their lives. It is almost unbelievable how tamed this fox looks when it comes to playing and enjoying her time in the white, fluffy blanket.

Both kids and adults enjoy playing in the snow, making angels, getting into a snowball fight, making a snowman, riding on a sledge. It seems like animals are also delighted by the snow and this video is the perfect proof of that.

Watching this fox play in the snow, overjoyed with excitement and having a blast, gives us a whole different perspective and understanding of the notion “wild animal”. She sure goes wild for the toy and cannot contain her excitement. Crazy!

We wonder whether it is the snow or the toy that got this foxy lady so excited and eager to play?

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