Scarborough: Trump Had Terrible Year

WayneDupreeShow Published December 26, 2017 170 Plays $2.12 earned

Rumble You know, there’s always these ebbs and flows. Donald Trump had a pretty terrible year.

He set the record for the lowest approval ratings throughout the year, but at the end of the year, he could look back and say, 'I cut a ton of regulations, largest tax cut since the early 1980s, ISIS is on the run, some people are even saying defeated, we got Neil Gorsuch in the Supreme Court and liberals are complaining every day that the judiciary is being reshaped in the most conservative way ever.'

If you are part of Donald Trump’s base, regardless of the tweets, the offensive statements, everything else, you might go, 'Well, ideologically this was a heck of a lot better than say, 2016.