Toddler Leads A Heated Debate With Dad Over Who's Boss

MichaelandSiennaPublished: December 26, 2017162,791 plays$1,013.76 earned
Published: December 26, 2017

Listen to this little girl's hilarious debate with her dad as to who is the boss. She's not giving in!

Kids, right? Sometimes you can’t beat them, and you most certainly can’t join them. What you can is pick up the camera and record what they do and say in the heat of their fight for independence and hope you catch the right moment. Just like David Raffaele did in the car with his 3-year-old daughter Sienna in the middle of a very heated debate over something that we presume every parent has been through. Who’s the boss?

Of course, parents know who is in charge around here. But when children reach the point when they are no longer babies that need constant supervision and attention, they like to think that they are in charge. If they can wash their own hands and teeth and change their own clothes, why aren’t they the boss? That is exactly how Sienna felt and she made damn sure dad knew her sentiment.

On the way to her grandparents’ house for dinner, Sienna drops an argument so solid, we would have stopped that debate right then and there. “I am boss first. You’re not best! That’s what I say” the tiny debater says and almost crosses her tiny arms in that car seat, but the dang straps won’t let her.

This only proves the point most parents have mentioned jokingly over the past years. Their kids ARE THE BOSS, because at the end of the day if their needs are not satisfied, there will be hell to pay.

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