Elephant throws sand and water at tourists on safari

EmotionsofAfricaPublished: December 26, 2017Updated: December 28, 2017397 plays$1.42 earned
Published: December 26, 2017Updated: December 28, 2017

This video was filmed by two individual tourists, at the same time, while on Safari in a wilderness area of the Greater Kruger Park, South Africa. They stopped at a herd of elephants for a while. One individual specifically caught everyone's attention. Not something you see everyday, this Elephant was digging in the sand for water.

Elephants have a very acute sense of smell and rather prefer clean water below the sand than muddy water at the watering holes. With a few kicks in the sand to about a meter deep, fresh water starts cyphering through the sand. The sand acts as a filter delivering fresh water from the below laying water table in the dry river bed. While this guy was sucking up some of his newly found fresh water, he decided without warning, to splash a whole trunk full of water mixed with a lot of sand all over the vehicle and tourists. Listening to the amount of sand hitting the vehicle, it clearly indicates that specific slurp full was not pleasant enough for him and gave it to the people. Was it by accident or intentional? It can be debated. From past experience and understanding how intelligent these creatures are, Elephants very seldom do things just by accident!

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