Twin Boys Crack Each Other Up During Dinner

Published December 26, 2017 18,004 Views $78.86 earned

There is nothing like the bond shared between two siblings, but it goes even deeper when they are twins! Baby language gets a whole new meaning when it comes to twins, as they have been communicating since they split from a single cell in their mother’s womb.

Think you’ve seen the cutest sibling video? Think again, because these twin brothers bring cute to a whole new level!Just watch as these adorable twin boys make each other laugh at dinner time.

While brothers Seth and Simeon are waiting to eat, they came up with the cutest game. Sitting in their high chairs, waiting patiently for mom to bring their dinner, Seth thought that they needed some entertainment. He discovered how to rock his high chair back and forth. It made such a funny sound that it amused him and and his brother.

The game turned into a laughing marathon, as each of their giggles made the other laugh even harder! Just watch as Simeon kicks his legs because it was so funny, and Seth continues to rock his chair. There is nothing like a good laugh before a good meal. And it is so cute how they know exactly what to do to make each other laugh already.

That is something that they will be able to bond over forever. It is a good thing it is all caught on camera!

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