Puppy Tries To Eat The Vacuum Cleaner But Gets Sucked By The Hose Instead

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Published: December 25, 2017Updated: December 26, 2017

Most dogs tend to be afraid of the vacuum cleaner, whereas this fun-loving puppy absolutely adores it! Watch how much fun this Parson Russell Terrier has playing without a care in the world, trying to stick the hose into his mouth.Maybe this dog hates the machine so much that he decided to seek revenge. Does your dog hate the vacuum cleaner as much as this dog does? Hilarious!

While most dogs bark, run or hide from the sight of a vacuum cleaner, this one absolutely embraces it. Watch as the owner runs the vacuum cleaner over this dog's body, while the curious pooch tries to chew on the hose. Adorable!

Frisbee is a five-month-old Parson Russell Terrier that loves to be vacuumed. He sticks his tongue in the hose and makes the funniest sounds ever! Obviously, he has some unresolved issues with the vacuum cleaner and always tries to bite it. How funny is this dog?

Maybe it is because he is not quite sure if he can trust the vacuum yet, so he investigates it in the only way he knows best, by trying to bite it and see what it’s made of! Will he ever warm up to the machine?

Watch as this curious pooch cannot get enough of the vacuum cleaner. This is maybe the most epic puppy encounter with the vacuum cleaner. The determined canine has his eyes set on overthrowing the reign of his enemy, the loud sucking machine! He actually likes this loud beast and is only being goofy, chewing on the machine. When owner places the hose on his body, gently sucking his fur, the canine seems to like the unusual massage. How sweeet!

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