1500 Ladybugs Released Inside House During Family Christmas

ViralHog Published December 25, 2017 5 Plays $0.02 earned

Rumble Occurred on December 16, 2017 / New Boston/Michigan/USA

Info from Licensor: "Cathy walters is a 6 time cancer survivor who believes in ladybug luck. Cathy had her family over for a Christmas gift exchange on December 16, 2017. Prior to the exchange Cathy learned that her blood levels were higher then normal making her believe her cancer could be back for a 7th time. Cathy’s brother bought her 1500 ladybugs a week prior and they had been lying dormant in the refrigerator. It is not out of norm for Cathy to release 10-100 ladybugs in the house or garden for good luck. Michigan winters are so cold that the bugs would just die off as soon as they were released outside. Cathy did not want them to die outside or over time in the refrigerator. After the gift exchange the family sat in the living room chatting. Cathy walks in the living room and shows the 1500 ladybugs off and at the same time let’s them roam her house. The man yelling is her husband who is very supportive but also very shocked at this move, as is the rest of the family. Cursing and poking fun of one another is a common trait in this family so nobody’s feelings were hurt at all."