Hunter faces social media backlash after he proudly posts pictures of his death on Facebook

DaclorPublished: December 25, 2017373 views
Published: December 25, 2017

Steve Ecklund, from Alberta, Canada, and his wife Alison, are both well-known for their love for hunting. Ecklund, in particular, regularly posts the spoils of their hunts – often involving the carcasses of animals such as bison, mountain lions, black bears, and rams – to both a barrage of supportive as well as well as derogatory responses.

However, he’s getting more than his bargained share of attention with his latest grisly update. In a Facebook update, Ecklund can be seen grinning next to the corpse of a mountain lion that he just killed. Accompanying the bloodstained lion are two of his beagles as well as three other friends. While that attracted plenty of negative scrutinies, a later more graphic post, which even had to be filtered because of its gruesome content, appeared to show the animal’s heart laid bare and cut open.

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