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5 months ago

A Good Death? is the name of the documentary that Jacqui compiled and poured her heart and soul into producing back in 2021 after having many families reach out to her and share their stories of family members being murdered in the care of NHS. This is so hard for most people to believe until they hear the gut wrenching stories in this documentary. Assisted suicide and euthanasia is illegal in the UK, making this even more sinister.

FROM the British Journal of General Practice:
2013 Oct; 63(615): 509–510.
The Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying: what went wrong?
"The debate surrounding the LCP has revealed a deep reluctance in UK society to address issues of mortality, by patients, relatives and healthcare professionals alike. Hospitals are seen as places to heal and prolong life; acceptance of dying and death is interpreted as giving up, ceasing to try, even as approaching euthanasia. Doctors may have a sense of failure and fear complaints or litigation for not doing enough. Yet from ancient times it has been an integral part of the doctor’s role to ease a patient’s pathway to death when the time has come, neither hastening death nor prolonging suffering. General Medical Council guidance is clear:

‘... it may be of no overall benefit to provide potentially life-prolonging but burdensome treatment in the last days of a patient’s life when the focus of care is changing from active treatment to managing the patient’s symptoms and keeping them comfortable.’4

The LCP sought to operationalise this guidance into practical steps for clinicians.

Sadly, it is undeniable that the Review and the media have highlighted examples of extremely poor practice. Many cases revealed ineffective or absent communication between healthcare professionals and patients or relatives, resulting in appalling care when this happened. However, the LCP repeatedly emphasized the importance of clear and open communication with the patient and family and within the multidisciplinary team. It provided an outline structure to assist the more anxious, inexperienced, or reluctant professional with the difficult areas of communication known to form the basis of the majority of complaints in relation to end-of-life care."

I just hope that Canadians/Americans can see the darker side of medicine, to realize that we must be the advocates of our family members and asking questions of our "health providers" is not only important, but our duty to protect humanity.

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