David Sorensen - Institutional Abuse of our Children

6 months ago

One of our speakers was the investigative journalist David Sorensen. He has authored numerous books & documentary films. He has interviewed many eyewitnesses & surviving victims who testify to how governments have been infiltrated by agents of a worldwide network of criminals involved in the trafficking of millions of children for the purpose of sexual abuse & ritual sacrifice. This is confirmed by former directors of the FBI & CIA, and by members of the Marechaussee, military, gendarmerie, police, etc. David has shocking evidence reports showing how the WHO & the United Nations are forcing paedophilia on the world through the primary school system.

In recent decades, numerous surviving victims and eyewitnesses have come forward to report what is probably the worst evil in our world: High-level officials in governments, law enforcement, the judiciary, the military, banking and the business and entertainment industries are involved in the organised and systematic abduction, trafficking, abuse, torture and murder of astronomical numbers of children around the world.
The abuse of children is also used to blackmail decision makers. First they are compromised, which is captured on film so that they can be controlled for the rest of their lives. These testimonies are given by a large number of former directors and officials of the FBI,
the CIA, the police, the gendarmerie, the military, the secret services, etc. For many years, these witnesses were denied because their stories sounded too horrific and unbelievable. In recent years, however, the number of testimonies has increased considerably, so much so that it has become impossible to deny them. Especially because they are repeatedly confirmed by former officers of the above-mentioned law enforcement agencies.

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