Clumsy Dog With Poor Fetch Skills Struggles To Catch A Tennis Ball

Published December 22, 2017 695 Plays $1.80 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious video has emerged featuring a clumsy German Shepherd continuously trying to catch a tennis ball in its mouth, but repeatedly failing to do so. Obviously, this frustrated pooch has poor reflexes and no skills and he won’t catch this ball no matter how much he tries.

Watch as Skottke the German Shepherd hopelessly tries but to no avail. The tennis ball slips away every time he tries to snatch it. Skottke took many trial attempts at catching the ball, each one of the ending in complete failure. Poor guy, he is desperately trying but he has no luck. Is the tennis ball too big to fit in his mouth, or are his calculations mistakenly wrong?

This hilarious footage presents over a dozen failed attempts at snatching the tennis ball, each of which is doomed to failure. Kera Bridges from Henderson, Kentucky, compiled this amusing compilation of her not-so-graceful German shepherd dog, Skottke, failing many times to catch a tennis ball.

Owner put all of Skottke’s attempts into this fail compilation and rewarded us with one and only success fetch story at the very end of the video when Skottke finally manages to catch the tennis ball with his mouth.

Playing fetch is a great way to have fun with your dog. Some dogs play fetch naturally and intrinsically understand the concept of retrieving. Other dogs will chase after the toy but then won’t bring it back, while others simply look at you with a confused expression, wondering why you repeatedly throw the toy away!

Judging by the dozen failed attempts to catch the tennis ball, we assume that Skottke isn’t that good at fetching either. Maybe, if owner used treats instead of this tennis ball Skottke would reconsider the offer!