Depressed Cat Is Forced To Wear Hilarious Antler Hat

Published December 22, 2017 3,322 Views $1.01 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensA funny footage has emerged of a lazy cat being forced to wearing an antler hat for the sake of Christmas. This poor guy is so not into the jolly mood and looks so depressed that he gets to wear them stupid pointy things on its head, but he doesn’t protest.

Jack the cat is a patient guy indeed. Watch and laugh as he ignores his owner in hopes that she and her Christmas costumes will leave him alone and let him nap comfortably on the chair. If cats could roll their eyes, Jack will be the first one to do it! It is obvious that Jack is counting down the days till Christmas and hopes that these hideous antler hat is put away for good!

Cats don’t like to be spoiled like children, they just like their peace and time for their self. And they really like their own space and a fine place to take a nap. In protest of his Christmas spirit hat, this feline refuses to stand up and flaunt its festive outfit.

They say “curiosity killed the cat” but this cat is not that much into Christmas. She is not willing to be standing in front of the Christmas tree and have her picture taken. Having this spirit,

Do you think that this cat is depressed or he is just being lazy? Watch as owner tells Jack to get up and stand straight in order for her to snap a nice festive photo of him, he just lays on his back and ignores her call. Hilarious!