Overly Excited Dogs Lose Their Mind To The News They Are Visiting Starbucks

krbridges1974Published: December 22, 2017Updated: December 26, 201748,067 plays$134.54 earned
Published: December 22, 2017Updated: December 26, 2017

A video has emerged of overly excited puppy being told that he is going to Starbucks. It's no secret that Skottke the German Shepherd is addicted to the pup cups at Starbucks as she goes crazy at the very mention of going to get one! Adorable!

“Who wants to get a pup-cup? You want to go to Starbucks?” The owner doesn’t even need to finish this sentence because the smart dog already knows where the conversation is headed. He immediately starts jumping and hopping around the room, spinning in circles with excitement! What a sweet little thing!

This dog must be obsessed by the goodies of Starbucks judging by his overly exciting reaction. Moments later, another pooch hears the good news and joins in. Footage shows the two dogs wagging their tails and jumping for joy, waiting for their owner to take them to wonderland.

Watch as these sweet canines cannot contain their excitement and act like little children being told that they are about to visit Disneyland. These dogs going to Starbucks is the equivalent of kids being taken to the famous themed park. Could this video get more amazing?!

Did you ever take your pet to Starbucks? Be careful because their treats are addictive for dogs and once they try the goodies they are willing to live out of it. These excited dogs are the living proof that pup cups are the perfect treat to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth!

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