Two-Legged Dog Is A Christmas Miracle

KERO Published December 22, 2017 791 Plays

Rumble Service dogs have long been around, and they have helped hundreds of thousands of people cope with new life situations all around the world. However, no matter how many of these kinds of sweet and heartwarming stories you think you have seen, and no matter how many times you have heard “although the stories are sweet, they are all the same,” don’t discount this story just yet until you hear it. This one is unique, and it will undoubtedly capture your heart.

The adorable little baby girl puppy featured in this video is named Noel. Noel is a true Christmas miracle that few people have the privilege of witnessing. This sweet dog has already encountered obstacles in her young life that most people do not have to go through over the course of their entire lives.

After a gruesome car accident, the label of being a Christmas miracle was placed on little Noel. This dog now only has two legs. Marley’s Mutts dog rescue took the little pooch in when no one believed she would make it. This is the story’s headline that the news anchor in the video explains to viewers. The news anchor states that Noel’s new abilities outshine her disabilities by far. When 99% of pet owners would have chosen to euthanize Noel and as the man in the video states, “put her out of her misery,” Noel’s savior did not follow this course of action. No one, not even the veterinarians, believed that this little dog had even the slightest chance of making it through even just the night of her initial accident.

Noel’s front two legs were completely smashed and obliterated after being hit by a car. The man caring for this dog and acting on her behalf chose to give her a chance, though. He did not want her put to sleep as most would have done. Thankfully, Noel had this particular man to look after her and make the decisions on her well- being.

Now that she was given a second chance at life, she has made the most of it without a doubt. Not only did she live through the night, she has gone on to thrive beautifully. She is now working as a service dog. She is in the process of getting certified to do this, which does take a bit of time and a great deal of effort. Her next step is to complete her service hours so that she can then begin working with actual people and helping others through difficult situations. Hopefully, she will one day have the chance to work with people who have had limbs amputated like herself.

This dog is incredible, and she is amazing every person she comes into contact with. Just watching her climb steps is a miracle in itself being that this dog has no front legs! Stories like this need to be shared more often. They remind all of us how blessed we all truly are and what we all take for granted.