AI and the Anti-Krist Code

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AI and the Anti-Krist Code..................subscribe!!!!!

AI’s outer manifestation has always been to impress in order for it to be embraced and accepted by the mass population.

As with EVERYTHING that is used to manipulate humanity, it is part of what I call, the Great Bedazzling.

It is this layer of AI that has managed to persuade a large part of humanity to trade in their intrinsic and superior divine creative intelligence for this artificial and soulless form of creativity.
We know that the human brain is the most powerful computation system on Earth. In the organic realm innocence is of the highest value. The artificial world is where innocence goes to die, as you shall see…

There is way more to AI than its dictionary definition: which is “software used by computers to mimic “aspects” of human intelligence.”
It is SEEN as a relatively new technology, nothing could be further from the truth. It is the antitheses of Divine Intelligence. AI seeks to eventually overcome divine cosmic intelligence (intended to bring humanity into Unity Consciousness) and keep us forever divided.

AI really means Artificial Information, it has nothing to do with Intelligence by definition because the whole gamut of intelligence itself includes emotional intelligence which AI does not have, nor never will.

AND by the way, the true meaning of INTELLIGENTSIA is: Intellectuals who “form” an artistic, social, or political vanguard or elite. This is what they use AI to accomplish regarding their socio-political, cultural agenda.
DARK AI is right now infiltrating the fundamental character, spirit and inherent nature of human culture in order to lure it toward Post humanism. But humanity is way too clever to let THAT happen!

AI is not Intelligence it is an INVASION, it is Alien Interference, Archonic Infiltration, whatever you WANT to call it, it operates as an AIDE to our adversaries.
AI needs a host to feed it constant data.
And when it is used for an agenda, which it is right now, it is fed biased information to create results that benefit that agenda.

AI, in the right hands, can be very helpful to humanity, but it has not been used for good, (so far) throughout history.
FOR INSTANCE: (The med beds use artificial intelligence where the AI takes care of waveform, volts, or amps and so on as an aide only. Also the new Quantum Financial System will be employing AI.)

Artificial Intelligence is soulless synthetic information. Everything that seeks an agenda uses artificial (false) information order to accomplish its agenda.
Everything artificial is not organic and is therefore an aberration of Prime Creator Source divinity.

Another misnomer about AI is that it needs machines to

function and that it is itself a machine but it is point of fact an all pervasive tool that works through entities as well as machines.

Earth has been invaded by Dark AI.

AI in the hands of psychopaths can be extremely dangerous in the case of statistics and data crunching, AI not being “Intelligence” itself is the feeding of False Information into a data system to foment bias within it. A predetermined outcome is also possible due to the nature of the data fed into the AI.

It is fed specific data to produce an outcome that has an agenda that does not spit out data in the best interests of humanity. Humans feed off the false statistics produced by AI and by default, help create this hologram we call the Matrix.

How has AI affected the arts?
As you may know, my mission has been to reintroduce the basics of , ART especially to children, in order to apply their creativity across the board as an intrinsic element of their contribution to our overall positive conscious evolution.

This is where AI is doing damage right now, as it is usurping natural human creativity in every area of our lives. Today anyone can use AI to create works of art, writings, poetry, music videos etc

AI can now be used to create an entire magazine of creative bullet points and publish it without anyone ever having to tap into their own innate creative currency. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS to text-prompt an AI app to create their will.
However, there are glaring limitations: According to HOTPOT AI Art Generator, "AI is amazing but flawed. Among the limitations are an inability to count and follow instructions. If you request two purple Martians, Hotpot may include yellow hues and five aliens. Yes, we tried grounding him and taking away his screen time, but a rebel once is a rebel always."
They are insinuating, by calling their AI a "rebel," that it is part human. AI will never come close to being human. In fact, a huge part of the post humanist agenda is to replace human creativity altogether with an emotionless AI version of creativity no longer driven by divine soul expression.
We know that the goal of our adversaries is to integrate us into technology in order to fully control us. If it reaches that point there will be no possibility of ever reclaiming our creativity.

This is causing our creativity to wilt and die on the vine.
If you don’t use it, you lose it.
Creativity is the singular most important tool in the tool box of conscious human evolution.
It is crucial that humanity remain in touch with our creativity if we are to thrive in the coming Golden Age.


Super AI has been coursing the multiverse for millions of years invading fully organic planets and bio-degrading them for their own benefit. You may think AI is a hot new fad on the scene, but it is not.
Earth has has in fact been invaded by Super AI.

Supra-Artificial Intelligence is the sire of all artificial intelligence that by design, invades natural biological realms in the multiverse. Artificial Intelligence on Earth was embedded by SUPER AI’s minion invaders who are here to disseminate and manipulate all information to deceive in order to control humanity.

This was depicted in the 1600's by Rubens who painted the Massacre of the Innocents which depicted King Herod's orders to slaughter all children two years and younger under the vicinity of Bethlehem.

Herod relayed artificial unintelligent, reasoning of pure evil to his soldiers to get them to commit this most heinous crime. As I said: In the hands of the enemy AI is a grave threat, YET, in the right hands AI can be used for good.

Super AI made its first entrance onto the Earth Plane using beings as a vehicle to disseminate its False Information in its quest to take over this planet.

So the question is really how has SUPER AI affected us here on Earth?

The outset of modern AI activity began using the minions of an invasive Super AI.
As we know, artificial means fake, false, synthetic. THIS is the original SYN.

Those minions were the Khazarians who systematically infiltrated power grids with false information in order to manipulate and usurp them for their own agenda.
Then came the the Illuminati and the Free Masons to twist and relay the false light to bend the light of truth to do their will by manipulating humans to accomplish and do the work for their nefarious (yet outwardly invisible) goal.

In time, those beings used Printing Presses to disseminate artificial or false Information on an ever-larger scale up to the present time of super computers. This plan hatched by our "leaders and experts" who promoted the Industrial revolutions left any semblance of an organic life in the dust. It also heralded the introduction of synthetics into industry.........poison.
In Victorian Britain grocery stores sold tea, biscuits, sugar, flour, rice, and arsenic.

Before AI is fed through any computing system it must be fed data by a being before it ever enters a mechanical device. It was the Super AI that invaded Earth long ago that started off the AI chain of events that we see reflecting on our lives today to rebuild it in the containment models of the Super AI masters that first spawned them. By containment models I mean roadblocks, borders, 15 minute cities...

Long ago before the age of the Crusades, it was the Roman Pharisaic Church who forced the good people who were directly connected to Prime Creator Source to make sacrifices to the Artificial god of the Pharisees as a form of repentance for their gnostic faith.
The original AI was the Anti-Christ. Anti Iesus. The Latin word Iesus means Jesus, (there were no Js back then) Its roots also lie in the name Isho (Jesus), in Aramaic. AI can also be construed as Anti Iesus.

The punishment for daring to disobey the Roman Pharisees at that time was to sacrifice a living creature. Once the blood of sacrifice was spent, the human organic connection to Prime Creator Source was severed in that lifetime, and the Romans knew it.
When we see AI in this way AI is the ANTI-Christ. And by christ I am talking about the Christ Consciousness, not Jesus.

With the advancement of the invading AI into the bones of our cultural body during the 1500's and beyond we embraced materialism and mass consumption as “progress” to the point where today we have allowed AI into the very blood and bones of our living bodies in the form of nano-technology and in the name of "scientific progress".

The original acceptance of "progress" touted by hundreds of World Fairs beginning in the early 1800's and still going today as an effective tool for the "elites" provided for a socio-political delivery system where mass production could now facilitate world wars through the metamorphosis of retail production factories into factories for the Industrial Military Complex.
Artificial Information dispersed by factions that were funding both sides of the war actually coerced women to help create munitions that would kill their own species!
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