Top 5 Steven Universe WEAPONS

ObsevOriginalsPublished: December 21, 2017
Published: December 21, 2017

When Steven Universe premiered in 2013, it made waves and was an immediate hit for Cartoon Network. Between critical acclaim and an ever-growing fanbase, the show centers on Steven Universe’s day-to-day life, often times over-coming emotional growing pains with the local teenagers. It also features a plethora of action, as he and the crystal gems fight off against the evil gems that would threaten Earth. And with that comes, plenty of awesome weapons. These are the Top 5 Steven Universe Weapons. #5 - Boomerang Blade #4 - Sugilite’s Flail #3 - Rose’s Sword #2 - Garnet’s Gauntlets #1 - Pearl’s Spear

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