Cat With Poor Balancing Skills Makes Litter Box Mess

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Published: December 20, 2017

Meet Fabricio, the cat with very poor balancing skills featuring in the video “how not to use the litter box”. Footage, filmed on December 19, 2017 in Loanda, Parana, Brazil decided to try out some new brilliant ideas on how to make a new position in the sandbox.

Cat litter tracking is one of the most common complaints cat owners have. No matter where you keep your cat’s litter box, somehow litter ends up everywhere, on the floors, in your shoes, even in your bed! There’s nothing quite like having to brush litter bits off the bottoms of your feet before you put on your socks. Litter tracking is caused by bits of litter sticking to your cat’s paws and fur after the pet has used the litter box. Many cats also like to “dig to China” in their boxes, kicking and throwing litter all over the floor. Then they walk through the mess and bring it to every corner of your home.

All cat lovers would agree that felines are truly special. There is something adorable in the way they rub up against us and purr when they want attention or food. Unfortunately, the litter boxes that felines use can get smelly and messy when our dear sweet kitties track litter all over it.

Watch as this clumsy feline decides to try some new tricks, balancing her body on the edge of the litter box. It is funny to watch because the moment Fabricio makes the poop, the entire sand from the litter box spills on the floor due to his poor balancing skills. Poor Fabricio, he must be very embarrassed by his failed attempt to do his business right! He then, goes and gives another try at the little box, but ends up pooping on the floor, right next to the litter box. Owner has some teaching to do!

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