Owl Tangled In Fishing Line Didn't Quite Like Being Rescued

ViralVideoUKPublished: December 20, 2017148 views
Published: December 20, 2017

As all other fishermen stories go, this one would have also fallen victim to its storyteller, were it not for the GoPro footage is came along with. Avid fisherman Emre Olceroglu loves sharing his fishing adventures on his YouTube channel, so good thing he had his camera with him that day, because who would have thought that he will have to release something for a fishing line, and a bird no less!

Emre decided to go fishing at a lake in New Jersey, but his plans fell south when he arrived there. In the bamboo canes near the water, Emre spotted a young owl hanging for its dear life on what appeared to be fishing line. Armed with his GoPro and with a lot of help from some regular nail clippers, our fisherman got to work.

As soon as the owl spotted the man approaching, it started hissing and screeching in the hopes of scaring him off. But our hero knew better, so he braved closer and closer, until he finally got the own to trust him, even if it were for just a little bit. With the nail clippers in hand, the started cutting away at the braided plastic string that was wrapped completely around the owl’s primary feathers.

Calmly talking to the distressed, bird Emre got it to sit still while he releases it from the shackles. The string was off, but the bird didn’t move, making Emre fear the worst. But when Emre let go of the owl’s body, the bird gave flying a try. The wing wasn’t broken, luckily, and after getting its bearing, the lucky owl flew across the lake, happy to be free!

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