The dog misses the favourite owner

KatandogPublished: December 20, 2017
Published: December 20, 2017

Dogs continue to remain favourite pets for many people and even the whole countries. Someone is convinced that these animals have high intelligence therefore gives preference to dogs. It is necessary to tell that dog it is really much cleverer than many other pets, but there are also certain shortcomings which can frighten off potential dog breeders. For example, what to do if the dog howls? It is unconditional that everything has a reason. Here and dog bark has certain reasons which will be considered below.

At emergence regular howling at the pet, it is recommended to show him to the cynologist and the veterinarian. These two experts will be able to find the reason howling and will try to liquidate it. This animal has certain features of psychology which the cynologist perfectly understands. Unfortunately, frequent a source howling there is neighbour's or even a watchdog. In this case the situation significantly becomes complicated. Having complained to the neighbor on never-ending dog howl, the person not always receives proper response. Most often, the owner of a dog answers with aggression discontent of surrounding neighbors, and doesn't hurry to find the reason howling the pet.
It is worth treating more tolerantly dumb animals, for their bark, most often, there are quite real and objective reasons. You shouldn't break on them the rage. It is necessary soberly to try to find a way out. If the animal has an owner, then it is necessary to discuss with him the imminent problem. The adequate owner of a dog will always meet halfway, will be fully aware of the responsibility. Musically gifted pets can howl at sounds of music, the automobile alarm system or a siren. Many dogs howl at sounds of a certain song, than with success owners use, showing to guests unusual abilities of the favourite.

Many dogs, catching a smell techkuyushchy boughs, whine and howl for several days. A bough can be quite far from a dog, but the techka won't end yet, the dog will uneasily behave. Dogs of decorative and hunting breeds, temperamental and active, can cease to eat, begin to rush about constantly on the house, without perceiving the team of the owner.

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