Cop Surprises Youngster With Very Special Gift

AlexMilhazes Published December 20, 2017 17,078 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesWhile most kids know that they should be in awe with police officers, one kid got real close and friendly with them. And they paid him back with the same respect.

Charlotte police officer Alex Milhazes states, "There is a teenager in my neighborhood at work that just loves being around police officers. He always comes up to us asking for stickers and often has multiple stickers on his shirt or sweater. We have gotten to know him quite well over the past couple months.

"He has a learning disability, and is possibly on the spectrum, and is always telling us how much he wishes he could be a police officer. So a couple weeks ago I got to thinking, what could I possibly do to make him feel like he was one of us?? So I went on Amazon and searched for about an hour on different police costume accessories, toys, what have you. I found a set that included binoculars, compass, watch, toy cuffs, but I wasn’t happy with the little toy badge it came with, so I ordered a separate nicer badge for him, so he could really feel like one of us.

"Well tonight I was finally able to see him after having purchased his presents. I am at a loss for words at how happy he was when I gave it to him, and id be lying if I didn’t tell you that I had to hold back tears of joy for the smile this little toy set gave him. I wanted to share this with everyone, and I hope it can bring a smile to your face like it did both his and mine. This is just one of the little things we do that you won’t see on the news channels. And this right here is the reason I chose the life of a police officer.”