Chris Matthews Doesn't Understand Why Americans Are Cheering GOP Tax Cuts

WayneDupreeShowPublished: December 20, 2017220 plays$2.47 earned
Published: December 20, 2017

Here’s a problem I have. I grew up with Republican parents, modern Republicans, they weren’t well off. They didn’t benefit from this Republican bounty for the rich. Why do regular Republicans who are not rich, including the rural people who voted for trump, cheering for a tax cut which goes to people that will they’ll never meet, maybe see in a movie or hear about on wall Street, they’ll never meet these people, why do they say, great work, Donald Trump, keep giving money to the top 1% of 1%, people I will never be invited to their homes, I will never meet them on the street because they’re not on the street. Why did they vote this way? Explain.

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