Sweet Pups Cry For Their Owner The Moment He Leaves Home

6 years ago

We all love our dogs. Why wouldn’t we - they are a factory of unbearable cuteness and unwavering loyalty, clumsy but obedient. They care so deeply about us, their human companions, that they most likely even dream about us as they snooze.

That, of course is why leaving them on their own is so hard for us. Whether we just go for a quick visit to the toilet or go out for a day, it’s very likely that our dog will look at us like we’re leaving him forever. Their eyes go wide, they will begin to whimper, and they will start thinking that this is it - now they are left alone for good.

Watch how these two adorable dogs whine and grieve for their owner. They don’t notice anything around them, not even the person that’s filming them.

From the moment their owner walks out the door to the moment he returns, they really miss him and it shows! Ten seconds after he closes the door, they start feeling sad. Their pack leader has left them and that’s the worst thing that can happen. The firefighter's siren is nothing compared to them. So, don’t be surprised if some of you neighbours call the cops because the big noise coming out of your home is bothering them.

Two minutes later, nothing changes drastically. To change the monotony, they start to whine. They obviously think that looking at the doorstep and the front yard will return their owner home faster.

Maybe you wonder what’s happening after five minutes? They get tired of crying, so now sitting behind the front door and waiting for a miracle to happen seems like the best idea at that moment. And that’s pretty much where they are until you return...

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