Scuba Diver Lends A Playing Hand To Curious Tiny Octopus

fel_gomez Published December 19, 2017 49,552 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsA scuba diver had the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique experience with a curious octopus. A footage has emerged from the depths of the ocean featuring a little red octopus captured on camera trying to pull this diver by the hand! That's a pretty rare sight indeed!

Footage shows the hand of a friendly scuba diver approaching a tiny red octopus demanding to play. Amazingly, the tiny cephalopod accepted the invitation to play and bravely shook hands with scuba diver’s hand, befriending the human. Adorable!

At the very bottom of the ocean, a true friendship has emerged between a tiny octopus and a gentle scuba diver. Watch as curious octopus moves towards diver’s direction reaching to grab his hand with its tentacle. What a precious moment!

Noticing the octopus is moving towards him, the diver retreats slightly to allow it some space.
The octopus reacts by moving forwards the diver and befriending the curious hand of his. This playful tiny octopus is ready to play and wants to thoroughly explore diver’s hand. Watch how relaxed this octopus is, hanging from diver’s hand, as the man rises its hand in the water. He causes the octopus to jump slightly, and attach its tentacles on diver’s hand, as the curious invertebrate continues to follow human’s movements. What a special bond!

The East Pacific red octopus, also known as the ruby octopus, a preferred common name due to the abundance of octopus species colloquially known as red octopus is the most commonly occurring shallow-water octopus on much of the North American West Coast, and a ubiquitous benthic predator in these habitats. Its range extends from the southern Gulf of California at least to the Gulf of Alaska, but may also occur in the western Pacific Ocean.


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