This Gingerbread Cat House Is A Perfect Replacement For A Tree

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Rumble If you hear someone they don’t like Christmas because of all the decorating, then that person should not be trusted! How can someone not love decorating for Christmas? The baubles, the ornaments, the tree….the cats that attack it afterwards, oh the horror!

Cole and Marmalade’s owners can no longer put up a Christmas tree in their house, because of Marmalade’s primordial desire to climb the stump and knock everything from the branches to the ground. Someone who is not into DIYing might have given up all hope on Christmas, but not Chris and Jess! Knowing their furbabies, this couple decided to forgo the tree this year and go for the DIY epic gingerbread cardboard cat mansion.

You will need some heavy duty cardboard boxes, as many as you want (remember, more boxes means more space the play in), regular boxes for the trimmings, a cutting mat, rulers, stuff to cut with, loads of glue (Elmer's, Modge Podge, hot glue, the works!) masking tape, paper towel tubes, paper plates, wrapping paper and your imagination.

Stack those heavy duty boxes until you are satisfied with the base. Then start marking and cutting the openings for doors and windows (every house needs windows, even play houses). Be sure to let your felines observe and inspect, because they are your customers here.

Use the paper towel rolls as pillars if you want your gingerbread house to have floors and wrap them in candy cane wrapping paper. The walls of your paper plates can be used as snow-covered shingles for the roof.

The rest is up to your creativity. Use everything that is cat safe to add more color to your gingerbread house and leave it to the inspectors to check it out. We are certain they will love it!

Meowy Catmas!

Cole and Marmalade Ugly Christmas Sweater:

*Purrlease be sure to use CAT SAFE materials for the decorations, we used colored paper and plastic Easter eggs for the "candy"



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