The cat gnaws and licks sobachy flesh

KatandogPublished: December 19, 2017Updated: December 20, 201710 views
Published: December 19, 2017Updated: December 20, 2017

The cat's cleanliness can envy. The cat can be licked for hours, giving to this procedure nearly a half of time, free from a dream. The cat is in this regard more careless that is connected with cast in a pride. A female, going behind production, tries to get rid of a characteristic smell while the male is busy with protection of the territory and warns about the presence by own odorous tags.
Maternal instinct

Mother cat licks a kitten not only for the hygienic reasons. This procedure allows to solve a complex of problems, in particular:
To eliminate a characteristic smell on which predators can run together;
To stimulate the correct breath,
To facilitate defecation and urination at remains.
To direct newborns to nipples.
Kittens begin to lick themselves already from 2-week age, and from 3-week term fluffy lumps are performed by the same operations with mother and with relatives. Scientists have noticed that if kids were looked after by unfair mother, then at her careless children grow up

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