Little Girl Cries Because Daddy Tells Her She Can't Have Beer

Published December 18, 2017 2,761 Views

Rumble It is hard to be a kid, especially when your parents don’t give you what you want. It’s also hard for them because they want to give their children everything they desire, but sometimes setting the limits is the only thing left for parents to do. In some cases kids don’t know what is good for them, so that’s when their moms and dads pop in to face their little ones with the ugly truth - they can‘t have the thing they want so badly!

Lots of kids’ reactions can be so funny and cute. Even if they cry their hearts out because they haven’t received what they wanted, still they know how to be adorable little "monsters". This hilarious video shows a little toddler that is desperately fighting to get the most tasty drink ever on Earth - the famous beer! It’s such a shame her dad won’t let her have one.

Little Katie burst into tears every time her daddy tells her that she can’t have a beer. Instead he offers her an apple juice, but nope. Apple juice is not even close to this drink that make her eyes sparkle every time the word is mentioned.

"Would you have an apple juice instead? -No, I want beer. -You can’t have a beer." and so they argue with no intention to stop. The same words just repeat one after another.

This little girl has the most beautiful curly hair and she looks like a little innocent angel, but her inner voice shows a whole new person. A real Helga who wants her beer right now at this same moment and she is not going to argue about it. Period!

Poor Katie will have to wait for about two decades to be able to go out and order some beer on her own. Don’t be in a hurry Katie, there's plenty of time.

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