Dogs Love Playing With Fidget Spinner, But Cats Are Unimpressed

Published December 18, 2017 4,062 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIt is the IT toy craze that doesn’t seem to be nowhere near meeting its end! Fidget spinners seem to be everywhere these days, in the hands and pockets of everyone, young and old. Kids are doing tricks with them, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see dogs being fascinated with the toy!

Fidget spinners were originally invented in the early 90s, but they took the world by storm in early 2017. Marketed as a means for relieving stress and anxiety, they can now be found in every kids and adult’s pocket, and apparently, in families with multiple pets!

Two Shiba Inu dogs can be seen completely fascinated with a bright yellow fidget spinner on the floor in front of them. Each of the dogs takes it turn to jump on the spinning toy, making it stop, but then they look at it like something is wrong with it. Why did it stop?

The dogs don’t seem to tire from preventing the spinner from making further revolutions around its central ball bearing. Each time their owner spins the toy, they take turns jumping on it with their front paws, as if it is a thick layer of ice that they need to break.

But when the cats come on the stage is when the true experiment begins. The two Persians Belka and Fluffball stand on both sides of the fidget spinner, but they absolutely nothing to it. Eventually, the spinner slows down, showing its composing parts, which makes one of the cats reach out to grab it. With zero enthusiasm, might we add.