MSNBC's Kirschner Desperately Grasps at Gorsuch Straw to Save His Sanity

5 months ago

Many of you are probably wondering why the DUmmie FUnnies has recently begun featuring videos of MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner? Well, it is because of all the TDS media talking heads, Kirschner shows the most comedic potential for 2024. As it is, he is already on the verge of bouncing off the walls nuts over just thinking about President Donald Trump. Just a brief review of his videos clearly demonstrates that Orange Man Bad haunts his every thought 24/7. His own personal Randall Flagg.

Right now Kirschner is desperately grasping at two life rafts to keep from drowning under the mental abyss; keeping Trump off the state ballots and a courtroom J6 conviction BEFORE the election. As for the former, Kirschner is so hilariously desperate that he is actually pinning his hopes on Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. I don't want to ruin the comedy surprise but as you can see in the video, poor Glenn is really grasping straws if he is depending on Gorsuch to keep Trump off the state election ballots.

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