The dog elicits excitement!

KatandogPublished: December 18, 2017
Published: December 18, 2017

What to do when the dog importunately elicits a forage or caress?
Of course, this is not about those cases when the beggar at the owner raises a smile and affection. If adoptive parents treat the pet not as to a dog and as to the child and allow all (moderately the views), then the text which is below can and be missed … though for the general understanding of dog psychology it is better to read after all.
In spite of the fact that this problem, as a rule, doesn't cause the owner strong troubles, happens so that the behavior of a dog completely gets out of hand. The dog begins to behave importunately, loudly barks, is scratched, pushed, jumps, tries to bite, and it strongly irritates family members. Theoretically it is easy to solve this problem. For this purpose the owner should take a dog once and for all to himself for the rule never to give to a dog of what she tries to achieve begging if she behaves thus.
Such process of training of animals is designated by the term suppression. Besides, it isn't necessary to apply such measures of correction of problem behavior which can potentially encourage such behavior. For example, you shouldn't give to a dog a toy that she didn't bark when the family sits at a dining table. If the dog behaves too exactingly and importunately in order that it is simple not to notice her behavior, the owner should abuse her or to punish rather strictly any different way instantly to suppress the behavior irritating. One more effective method of correction of finishing which can be used in such cases is in rising and leaving the room as soon as the dog begins to behave insufferably. This way of ignoring of a dog is some kind of lenient punishment.
In principle, any owner of a dog understands that, apparently, such treatment of a dog is correct. However after the owner of a dog has tried to behave as appropriate, he loses such confidence. The matter is that if the dog doesn't receive what she tries to achieve the importunate and exacting behavior, the problem only becomes aggravated. Bark amplifies, the dog begins to behave more and more uneasily, runs and jumps about the room, and, eventually, the owner concedes to her.
Some fans of dogs haven't enough self-discipline and judiciousness. Sometimes they even find importunate behavior of a dog amusing and, in principle, aren't ready to apply consistently the suppression method necessary for correction of behavior, without doing at the same time any exceptions. As a rule, most of owners of dogs don't believe in efficiency of this method, and it doesn't allow them consistently and to uncompromisingly use it in practice.
To achieve success, the owner of a dog has to know precisely that he waits for him at separate stages of application of a method of suppression:no ets.

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