Eighth Night for Ethan: Ethan Kadish's friends compete to raise money for his care

WCPOPublished: December 16, 2017
Published: December 16, 2017

Zack Berger and Daniel Shapiro first met Ethan Kadish years ago when they were all in kindergarten. Ethan stood out because he was kind to everyone, Daniel said. That’s what made it all the more devastating when Ethan was struck by lightning on June 29, 2013, while he was away at summer camp. The lightning strike stopped his heart and robbed his brain of oxygen for many minutes. Zack and Daniel are now seniors in high school and planning for college while Ethan remains stuck. His injury was so serious that he still can’t walk or talk or do anything for himself. Ethan’s friends haven’t forgotten him, though. Zack, 18, and Daniel, 17, got a bunch of their old kindergarten classmates together to plan this year’s Eighth Night for Ethan. The annual event helps raise money for Ethan’s ongoing medical expenses.

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