The Soul To Cell Connection: Dr. Doug's Vision of Holistic Healing

3 months ago


02:07 Dr Doug's Mission
04:53 Dr Doug's extreme physical pain
11:53 Who is the healer?
14:30 The role of the soul in healing
22:03 What is dowsing?
36:08 Do we cause our own problems?
41:42 Cellular Resonance around the world
46:43 CRQH removes the interference
53:13 Explaining quantum healing
56:59 Quantum leaps
1:05:51 Types of clients
1:17:43 Training Master Practitioners
1:21:16 The battleground for the soul
1:31:27 Justice
1:37:06 Responding from soul vs ego
1:41:33 A message for holistic practitioners

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Join us on a profound journey into the heart of holistic wellness with Dr. Doug Lehrer, the visionary behind Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing (CRQH). In this enlightening podcast, "The Soul To Cell Connection," Dr. Doug delves into the intricate relationship between the soul's journey and physical well-being. Discover how CRQH transcends traditional healing methods, tapping into the quantum level to foster deep, transformative healing.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Doug shares his insights on the interconnectedness of our emotional, mental, and physical health, and how understanding this connection is key to achieving true healing and balance. He discusses the groundbreaking principles of CRQH, which blend ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science, offering a unique approach to wellness that honours the whole person.

Listeners will be captivated by Dr. Doug's personal journey from a traditional healthcare practitioner to a pioneer in quantum healing. He reveals how his own experiences and challenges led him to develop CRQH and his mission to empower others to unlock their innate healing potential.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, a seeker of holistic wellness, or simply curious about the power of quantum healing, "The Soul To Cell Connection" offers valuable insights and inspiration. Tune in to explore how you can harness the transformative power of CRQH to elevate your health, well-being, and consciousness.

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